Technology Services

ITBS Inc boasts an incredible number of skilled and experienced engineers and technicians, allowing us to be a leader in the field. We deal with customers of all sorts, providing a variety of services to ensure your company information is secure and your business operations stay up and running around the clock.

We have the experience and resources to effectively design, develop and deploy complex technological infrastructures which include end-to-end business solutions including databases, custom sofware systems, cloud integration solutions  as well as micro-controlled automation.

Consulting & Implementation

Maintaining relevance in business often involves modifying or implementing new strategic IT solutions. ITBS Inc has the expertise and the creative mindset to provide the right strategies and infrastructure for your company.

Micro-controller Systems

We have found that when software engineering and micro-controller technology come together, the possibilities are limitless!  

Process automation beyond the server room - interacting with real world components.

Systems Architecture

Ensuring your long-term goals are achieved means having a resilient systems architecture.  From cloud based systems integration to database and network architecture, our team will create a flexible and  highly effective solution.

Custom Technology Solutions

Highly effective technology solutions are a requirement in most of today's business world. Software systems, databases, applications and integration all in one place.  We have the business expreience and technology expertise to deliver high quality solutions and stive to exceed expectations.  

After diligent needs assessments, our team strives to offer the best solution possible by listening  our customers, "thinking outside of the box" and delivering desireable functionality driven by powerful and flexible technology.