Consumer Brands

ITBS Inc owns a fascinating array of product lines geared towards lifestyle enhancement. Our team of buyers, artisans and engineers collaborate to bring you the most compelling product lines available to enhance quality time.

Our brands focus on products which allow our customers to spend more time enjoying life.

We believe that which brings happiness may be found when communing with Nature and looking within one's self.  We work to provide products which assist you in obtaining Joy and Peace in today's world.

Online Storefronts

Our online storefronts provide a diverse range of lifestyle products products .  Our distinct brands ensure quality and elevance to consumers searching for lifestyle ehnancement solutions with a focus on peace, tranquility and Nature.


We provide products to market segments directly related to lifestyle enhancement.  Our diverse product lines are a result of real-world needs of our customers.

After determining the need, we work diligently to deliver products which exceed expectations in every way.  

Customer Service

Customer service is our number one priority!  We know that there are many choices and are grateful for those who choose us.  We work diligently to provide support to our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction.