A leading purveyor of Life enhancing products and integrated IT services, ITBS Incorporated began operating in 1998 with a primary focus on custom business software solutions. As time progressed and the Internet became a viable marketplace for online retail, we extended our business model to online "e-tail" businesses. Our overall driving goal is to provide products that help to enhance the appreciation of Life.

Skilled & Experienced

You can rest easy knowing we have experience working with numerous platforms and applications, as well as with small and large networks. No project is too small or company too large for us when it comes to creating and implemeting technology solutions.

We've been in business since 1998.  During that time, we have always excelled in assessment and integration of "leading edge" technology.  Technology has changed a lot since then, and we consistantly assess new technologies which provide greater value to our customers.  

Proven design, development and deployment methodoligies are the foundation of our success.